Accounting services

We offer clients a full line of accounting assistance services. Some of our clients use us as their "in-house" controller, providing monthly reconciliation and reporting functions. For other clients, we consult with them on a monthly or quarterly basis, reviewing reports with them to interpret and use their financial results to guide decision making.  We tailor our accounting services to meet each individual company's needs.  We also offer assistance for setting up QuickBooks.



Some of our clients need more than one service and the certainty of a monthly fixed-fee. We offer an affordable, fixed-fee package plan to address all of your tax and accounting needs. With this service, your accounting expenses will be predictable for the year, so there aren’t surprises on your monthly invoices.


Sometimes you just need some assistance with a particular issue such as the purchase of a new asset or opening of a division or location.  We assist our clients on an as needed basis on accounting issues.  We also keep you abreast of changes in the accounting rules and how they might impact your business. 

The companies we work with all have individualized needs based on the size of the company, the life-cycle stage (i.e. start-up companies) and we work with our clients to create a level of service that makes sense for their business in order to get financial results on a real time basis.